This program is definitive in advanced leadership dynamics!

The Future Ready Leadership (FRL) 2 program consists of six customized leadership training courses delivered one day per month, over six months. This program is developed for participants who have taken our Future Ready Leadership 1 program or existing leaders looking to further enhance their leadership skills. 

As the foundation for the participants’ learning during the program, they will assess themselves on seven key leadership competencies, competencies required for effective team leadership in any organization. They will utilize learning concepts, strategies, and tools to work on a real-world issue affecting their teams.  In addition, they will prepare and deliver a presentation on this issue and their plans to address it with their team, during the final day of the program. Participants’ leaders will be invited to attend these presentations to provide support for participants’ action plans.

Core Competencies

This course has been designed for participants to learn and develop different leadership competencies over the entire program

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Diversity

  • Leadership Presence

  • Organizational Presence

  • Critical Thinking

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Innovation

Course Content

Throughout the program, we will clearly demonstrate the connection between each day and each topic, ensuring participants feel connected and engaged with content, other participants, guest speakers, and the facilitator

  • Prework

    Participants will be expected to complete a Leadership Competency Self-Assessment, prior to attending Day 1 of the program. This assessment is a foundational tool used during the program to help participants grow and develop their leadership capability.

    They will also be requested to read Unprecedented; Canada’s Top CEOs on Leadership During Covid-19, compiled and edited by Steve Mayer and Andrew Willis.

  • Day 1: Oct. 6, 2022 | Becoming Emotionally Agile

    In this highly interactive course, participants will learn to approach their experiences in a mindful, values-driven, and productive way. They will explore their emotional intelligence capability through application of MCE’s Brain-Based Leadership Model and work on strategies to grow the emotional intelligence of their teams and their organizations.

  • Day 2: Nov. 3, 2022 | Delivering on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Participants will work on becoming more inclusive in their leadership by building sustained and tangible DEI practices with individual and organizational accountability. Focus will be on DEI desired outcomes and tactical actions to support achievement of these outcomes.

  • Day 3: Dec. 1, 2022 | Ensuring Sustainability of Positive Organizational Culture

    Participants will examine what makes a strong organizational culture and how it is related to the mission, vision, and values of the organization. Participants will discuss the concept of organizational presence, how to sustain positive and productive organizational cultures, and apply these concepts to their own organizations.

  • Day 4: Jan. 26, 2023 | Leading During Crises

    Participants will utilize strategic and critical thinking skills as leaders during different crisis situations. They will evaluate the concept of leadership presence and assess their ability to influence business outcomes, how their presence and influence is necessary for mobilizing teams, driving strategy, and making an impact.

  • Day 5: Feb. 2, 2023 | Promoting Innovation

    Participants will learn to identify factors that promote and inhibit innovation. They will learn about the different levels and types of innovation and how they might apply each level in workplace situations. They will learn the importance of creating an environment where innovation can foster and develop and learn best practices of innovative leaders.

  • Day 6: Mar. 2, 2023 | Demonstrating Your Leadership Competencies

    In the morning, participants will work on a review of the content learned during the program. In the afternoon, participants will present their team issue/challenge and actions they intend to take to address it to an audience of their peers and leaders. They will then celebrate their graduation.


MCE Facilitator Sandra Summerhayes

Sandra’s commitment to personal and professional development has been the cornerstone of her 20-year career in Training and Development. During this career, Sandra has used her leadership talents to develop and deliver customized training solutions for her clients in both the public and private sectors; as an employment counsellor with Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) and a trainer with Casino Niagara.

At MCE, Sandra designs and facilitates various leadership programs, most recently for Toronto Community Housing Corporation. As one of the primary facilitators for MCE’s signature program, Future Ready Leadership, Sandra works with supervisors and managers in a variety of organizations. Sandra guides them in the development of individual learning plans to strengthen their leadership abilities.

Sandra is a certified instructor in DISC, Laughter Leader, MBTI, Personality Dimensions, and Thiagi.

Why I took FRL 2

Phil DiFlorio

Terra Greenhouses

Completing Future Ready Leadership 1 & 2 has made me a more confident leader. It was more than just listening to ways to lead, it was creating an understanding of why we have certain tendencies and how to adjust when needed.

Christine Madden

Program Manager, Ontario Works

“I truly enjoyed this program. The facilitator was excellent and was able to keep the group engaged despite the fact that it was remote leaning. I liked how the final day was able to bring all of the learning together.”

Alana Hill

Coordinator, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Six Nations of the Grand River

“The various ways of thinking and innovative skills would assist in many situations for many of those in management.”

Laura Thomas

Associate Dean Allied Health and Medical Radiation Sciences Mohawk College

“FRL2 develops leadership skills in an inter-professional group which allows you to learn from others at the same time as learning from the facilitator.”

Custom FRL2 Cohorts That Work

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The next FRL2, starting January 24, 2023, will be available for registration soon.