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When I landed my first professional television reporting job with CHWI-TV in Windsor 26 years ago, it was thanks to technology.

Cameras and gear had become small enough so that one person, with the right skillset, could do a job that in the past had required at least two. My alma mater, Western, had given me those skills, in writing, reporting, shooting and editing – and thanks to that education, I beat out other candidates who lacked those abilities.

A lot has changed in the media landscape since those days – but one thing has remained constant: Technological innovation continues to transform the way we communicate.

And a clear trend has emerged. More and more people can now produce and distribute professional-looking and sounding content, thanks to smartphones, the web, lightweight equipment and inexpensive editing platforms.

So in a world where it’s possible for most amateurs to put together an impressive looking reel, how can media professionals differentiate themselves? One way is to obtain an industry-recognized credential.

That’s why the School of Media and Entertainment at Mohawk College is partnering with AVID Technology. AVID has remained at the forefront of digital media technology, particularly with its signature editing programs, Media Composer, and Pro Tools.

Mohawk’s partnership with AVID ensures that our students can obtain industry recognized certification with this software, which is prevalent across the film, television, and music industries.

“As an editor breaking into the industry, it can be tough,” says Mohawk College TV Professor Joe Mamone. “You need an “IT” factor to help separate you from the crowd, and the Avid Media Composer User Certification can absolutely do that. As an employer having to choose from a pile of resumes, they know that the certification from AVID means that they don’t have to question your technical abilities with their system.”

Mamone calls Media Composer the industry-standard video-editing tool in commercial, documentary, corporate video or film production. Pro Tools meanwhile, is the dominant post-production audio editing/mixing software in the music industry – and it’s used widely in film, television and video as well.

“A Pro Tools User Certification gives you the understanding to use Pro Tools effectively and efficiently,” says Mohawk College Music Professor Jamshed Turel. “In the class, we go hands-on into not only understanding what all the tools do, but how to use them in more creative ways and understand why the features are there.”

To appreciate AVID’s position in digital media, consider this statistic.

At this year’s Academy Awards, every film nominated for Best Picture was cut on AVID Media Composer, along with all five nominees for Best Film Editing.

Meanwhile six of 10 sound editing and sound mixing nominees worked on AVID Pro Tools, along with all five nominees for Original Song.

So your AVID credential may not only help you get that job – it could land you on the red carpet as well.

Mohawk College Enterprise is running AVID Media Composer Certification and Pro Tools Certification training during the week of May 1-5, 2017 at Mohawk College Fennell Campus in Hamilton. For more information please visit:

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