For 86% of customers,

good customer service turns one-time clients into long-term brand champions. (Khoros)

MCE has developed an excellent course to help you analyze and re-shape your customer service skills. This course is highly interactive, giving you several opportunities to review basic concepts and apply learnings using activities such as scenarios, reflections, and polls.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to;

  • Explain amazing customer service.

  • Identify challenges with customer service and how to handle them.

  • Practice amazing customer service skills.


  • Self-paced, asynchronous learning (no instructor).
  • Hosted on MCE's Thinkific learning management system.
  • Videos, self-reflection, quizzes, short scenarios.

Course curriculum

    1. Thank you for registering for creating amazing customer service training!

    2. Watch a video on how to navigate the course

    1. Complete pre-activity

    2. Review best customer service examples and share yours

    3. Read different perspectives on amazing customer service

    4. Watch Video, "We Must Always Create Amazing Customer Experiences"

    5. Complete Post-activity - Create your OWN definition of amazing customer service

    1. Complete the poll - Type in your name first and then respond to the question

    2. View the poll results

    3. Review Top customer service challenges

    4. Read about Challenge #1: Customer expectations

    5. Read about Challenge #1 Solution

    6. Read about Challenge 2: A customer demands something you cannot do

    7. Read about challenge #2 solution - Step 1

    8. Read about challenge #2 solution - Step 2

    9. Read About Challenge #2 Solution - Step 3

    10. Read about challenge #2 Solution - Step 4

    11. Complete the poll

    12. Read about challenge #3: Handling angry customers

    13. Read about challenge #3 solution

    14. Complete the survey: Your challenges and solutions

    1. Complete the activity: Converting complaints into opportunities

    2. Response: Converting complaints into opportunities

    3. Complete the quiz

    1. Congratulations

    2. Complete the evaluation

About this course

  • $84.75
  • Self-paced, asynchronous learning (no instructor)


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