Curriculum Information

In this two-day course, participants will focus on remaining aware of the many modifications to standards, directives, codes, products and test methods in relation to backflow prevention.

Course Content

  • Hazards
  • Device selection premise and point of views
  • B-64-07
  • Expansion and water hammer concerns and requirements
  • Location of devices and PRVs and device orientation
  • Reviewing report forms

PLEASE NOTE: The Cross Connection Control Manual has been updated. The manual you received when you took the 5-day course to receive your certification is no longer valid. The cost of the manual is included in the course fees. Your trainer will have your new updated manual in class for you.

The OWWA is charging $125 for certification for a 5-year certificate (instead of the previous $35 charge for one year certificate). These new charges are included in our course fees.

REFUNDS | Cancellation Policy

All sessions canceled within 10 business days of the delivery start date will be subject to a fee of 50% of the delivery fee. If canceled within 5 business days of the start date, 100% of the delivery fee will apply. All refunds will be issued by cheque – please allow 2 – 4 weeks processing time.


OWWA Cross Control Officer Mike Haslam

Michael has over 27 years of experience teaching Apprenticeship Plumbing and Cross Connection Control. He is a recently retired Professor in the School of Engineering & Technology at Mohawk College and he was instrumental in bringing the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) Cross Connection Control course to the province. Over 2,500 students have been through this course. Michael, on behalf of MCE, delivers the Cross Connection course for numerous industry clients both locally and within the province. Michael is a Licensed Plumber, Gas Fitter, Welder, Well Technician 4, and a Cross Connection Control Tester/Specialist. He is the Cross Control Officer for the OWWA.