COVID Protocols for In-Person Training

Proof of vaccination is no longer required before entering a campus or college-owned facility. Masks are no longer required, but still recommended.

Required Documents

Documents will be available upon registration

  1. 1
    • Instructions

  2. 2
    • OFT-01 FITCO Participant Information and Instruction 2020

  3. 3
    • OFT-02 ParQ

  4. 4
    • OFT-04 FITCO Participant Informed Consent and Release

  5. 5
    • OFT-05 FITCO Participant Performance Declaration

  6. 6
    • OFT-09 FITCO Physical Activity Readiness Conveyance Physician

  7. 7
    • Prep for Testing Day


Course materials will be made available on your Student Dashboard once you register. Training times will be assigned & emailed closer to the training date.