Essential Skills for Transportation Professionals

Mohawk College Enterprise and Minds for Matter are pleased to announce their joint venture! Together, we will design and deliver Essential Skills for Transportation Professionals in multiple formats including face-to-face, virtual instructor-led and online self-paced learning.

Who are Theses Courses for?

Owner Operators, HR Professionals, Safety Managers, Operations Managers, Dispatchers and Drivers! There will be topics for everyone. 

Course content for Managers and Owners will include Human Resources for the Trucking Industry, MTO Audit Preparation, Record Keeping and more. Practical leadership skills for managers such as Union Management Relations, Leading through the Lens of Safety, Time Management and others will be available. 

Drivers can take courses such as Time Management: A Day in the Life of a Driver, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Safety and more.

Partner in Design and Facilitation

Contact Stephanie for more information on the development of programming for Transportation Professionals

Facilitator Stephanie Carruth

Ensuring that team members have the tools and resources they need to be able to perform effectively is no easy task. An experienced Research & Development professional in the Transportation & Logistics sector, Stephanie focuses on helping businesses create and drive a culture of accountability through a unique approach to data analysis, problem-solving, and training.

With a proven track record of success in the development of Human Resources and Safety & Compliance programs, Stephanie moved on to a Research & Development style role focused on driving internal training initiatives, improving the client experience, and reviewing and enhancing operational processes.

Watch Stephanie's story on her journey to be the founder of Minds for Matter. MFM is a boutique-style consultancy and project management firm focused on helping other businesses create and drive a culture of accountability through customized business resources, process enhancement, and specialized HR services. You can visit Stephanie's website here: