This course aims to equip employees with theDelivered by Digitally Well tools needed to flourish in a remote/hybrid workplace and address the common challenges that accompany this model of work. Topics include: optimizing health and well-being in the face of technology, learning how to avoid the isolation trap, leveraging one’s physical and digital workspace, managing digital distractions, and how to effectively collaborate, communicate and connect virtually. 

Content delivered over 2 half-day virtual workshops.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to;

  • Incorporate digital wellness strategies into their daily routines

  • Identify ways to increase connection and collaboration in a remote/hybrid workplace

  • Implement ways to optimize remote and hybrid performance

Course Curriculum

  • Digital Wellness

    Explore the key pillars and concepts related to digital wellness • Recognize the impact of technology on one’s productivity, organization, communication, collaboration, and mental and physical health • Recognize signs of digital burnout • Essential digital self-care strategies

  • Optimizing Performance

    Re-thinking your physical and digital workspaces • Setting boundaries and managing (digital) distractions • Scheduling for success • Digital de-cluttering • Flow theory and deep work • The myth of multitasking • Taming the email beast (the OHIO method) • The importance of micro-breaks

  • Collaborate and Connect

    Avoiding the isolation trap • How to “be seen” and pursue your professional goals as a remote worker


Digital Wellness Educator | Speaker | Consultant Lisa Pender

Lisa Pender is the founder of Digitally Well, a corporate training provider specializing in digital workplace well-being. She is a passionate educator, trainer, and speaker and is a contributing LifeSpeak, Inc. expert on digital wellness.

Lisa is also a college sociology professor at Mohawk College and holds a Master of Arts degree (University of Waterloo) and an hons. B.A. (McMaster University). Lisa achieved her Digital Wellness Educator certificate from the Digital Wellness Institute and is a graduate of the Mindfulness in Modern Society program at McMaster University.

Lisa volunteers with Fairplay (Children's Screen Time Action Network) and lives and works in the Hamilton, ON area.

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