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The Future Ready Leadership (FRL) 1 program consists of eight leadership training courses delivered, on average, twice a month. This program is developed for leaders by providing theory with practical application and experiential learning. This program has been designed for participants to learn and develop different leadership competencies over the entire program.

As the foundation for the participants’ learning during the program, they will assess themselves on thirteen key leadership competencies, competencies required for effective team leadership in any organization. As they progress through the program, they will have several opportunities to assess how the learnings will support enhancement of these leadership competencies. 

To support participants’ learning between each course, participants will be required to complete an ‘Apply the Learning’ assignment to reinforce the learnings from the previous session and to prepare them for the upcoming session. In addition, they will be provided with a list of resources, each day, culminating in, by the end of the program, a substantive continuous learning tool. 

Finally, participants will participate in a team presentation on a preselected program topic, on the final day, to their leaders. 

Core Competencies

This course has been designed for participants to learn and develop different leadership competencies over the entire program

  • Team Leadership

  • Personal Leadership

  • Presentation Skills

  • Communication

  • Diversity

  • Developing Others

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Managing Performance

  • Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Facilitating Change

  • Continuous Learning

  • Critical Thinking

Course Content

Throughout the program, we will clearly demonstrate the connection between each day and each topic, ensuring participants feel connected and engaged with content, other participants, guest speakers, and the facilitator

  • Management Preparation Toolkit

    As part of the participants’ learning journey, it’s important for their leaders to support and reinforce the training. MCE will provide a brief, pre-recorded ‘Making Training Stick’ video with a course outline and tips for participant success for these leaders prior to the rollout of this program.

  • Day 1: Mar. 20, 2024 | Power of Teams

    In this highly interactive, experiential day, participants will learn about the key leadership competencies to be developed throughout the program. They will discover and understand the value of working together as a team to cultivate a high-performance collaborative working team.

  • Day 2: Apr. 3, 2024 | Leadership Dynamics

    Participants will be able to determine which theory or type works best for their workplace. They will learn the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to be an effective leader. The course will culminate with participants starting to envision their leadership priorities and goals.

  • Day 3: Apr. 24, 2024 | Inclusive Leadership

    Participants will learn how being an inclusive leader will help to create a psychologically safe workplace for their teams and across the organization.

  • Day 4: May 15, 2024 | Employee Development

    Participants will learn how to conduct effective coaching conversations with their employees and learn the relationship between coaching, employee development, and performance management. Participants will learn different tools to apply for employee development and managing performance.

  • Day 5: June 5, 2024 | Power Presenters

    In the morning, participants will learn how to deliver Powerful Presentations by examining different parts of a presentation as well as common flaws that occur when presenting. In the afternoon, participants will experience a panel of invited leaders sharing their views regarding the role of leadership in today’s changing workplace.

  • Day 6: June 26, 2024 | Facilitating Change

    Participants explore how to effectively lead teams through change. They will learn how to use and apply a change management model to the opportunities and challenges change creates for employees.

  • Day 7: July 10, 2024 | Resolving Conflict

    Participants will explore the concepts, skills, and tools effective leaders use to resolve conflict in their teams. Participants will explore how to identify sources and causes of conflict and how to apply emotional intelligence to manage conflict.

  • Day 8: July 31, 2024 | Planning Your Success

    In the morning, participants will develop personal leadership plans by looking at opportunities to continue to grow and develop as a leader. In the afternoon, participants work in small teams and present to an audience of their peers and leaders what they have learned and applied from the program. They will then celebrate their graduation.


MCE Facilitator Rose Spadafora

Rose Spadafora is an Executive Coach and Facilitator who has held leadership and executive roles for 25 years. Rose has been at the Executive Boardroom table where recommendations and decisions get made, and knows first-hand what it takes to be successful in business, to grow confidence, impact, and influence. Known as a mentor to many and with proven leadership in business background, Rose has generated multiple award-winning business results. Rose also gives back to her community through organizations she has a strong affinity to support.

Utilizing her depth of business background, Rose is a very capable advisor and coach, and is known to have the right balance of straight talk, while having intuitive kindness at heart.

Rose has a BA from McMaster University and Executive Coaching Certification through the ICF accredited Center for Executive Coaching, Rose has additional certifications through CoachingOurselves, Thinking Intelligence, and holds Financial Diplomas including CFP and IFIC.

Why I took FRL 1

Adam Palmieri

Supervisor - Licensing & By-Law, City of Hamilton

“This program is a must take for any emerging Future Leader. Every class was engaging, and dynamic. The curriculum is well thought out, and the delivery was fantastic.”

Jordan White

Supervisor, Building & Municipal Enforcement Services, Haldimand County

“Great starting point for someone who has plans to be in a leadership position in their future.”

Kristen Ford-Bickers

Manager of By-Law Services, Town of Gravenhurst

“Loved the topics of diversity, inclusiveness, and the conversation brought forward by Shona (MCE Facilitator) and the group members. Shona brings amazing workplace knowledge and experience... scenarios and stories that cannot be taught”

Tyler Neal

Staff Trainer - Niagara Region

“Lots of content but it was very relatable and I appreciated the sharing of stories and examples - I believe this is a huge part of what we take away in training is the stories that are shared that relate to the content.”

Peggy Claveau

Service Canada Team Lead at Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT)

“Day One and there have already been so many "aha" moments and takeaways! Looking forward to the next class.”

Alisha Cull

Supervisor, Development Services at Corporation of Haldimand County

“Shona is an exceptional facilitator with a strong ability to engage participants. It is rare to feel so engaged during virtual training! The skills we gained are would be very straightforward to implement.”

Kensi McNaughton

Six Nations Polytechnic

“I will be in a leadership role beginning in March and this is going to be an effective course.”

Tiffany Wurdell

Life Enrichment Manager at Wellington Terrace LTC

"Every manager should take this at beginning and middle of career!"

Dave Coultis

Director of Operations at MSA

"I enjoyed how others within the class felt confident to share experiences, stories and feelings about their unique successes and failures. In addition to making everyone feel that although we all face challenges, this is what comprises our unique learning path. Hearing individuals speak about how their path was different than mine, made my experience here personal and reflective. Thank you!"

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