Are you ready for a catalyst for culture change?

Reduce your use of discipline up to 95%

Our goal is to bring Turnaround Interview® into yourorganization at all levels of management to help you truly shift your culture of discipline.

Turnaround Interview® training is tailored specifically for your company, as well as sessions open to individuals from varied industries, in order to allow you the opportunity to become champions of the process before introducing it internally.

Why Turnaround Interview® ?

Do you want to break your good employees of bad habits?

  • Turnaround Interview® consists of four main steps built around the four main defense strategies that employees use to fight back when confronted:

  • 1 | Denial of the Behaviour

  • 2 | Trivialization

  • 3 | Denial of Control

  • 4 | Vague Promises

  • People learn these four defensive strategies as kids and, as adults, bring them to work. Turnaround Interview® gives you the insight and technique to deal with each of these as they arise.

The Turnaround Interview® Process

Turnaround Interview® is taught over the course of a two-day workshop. Learning Turnaround Interview® is like learning to play chess. It’s easy to pick up the basic moves, however, the difficulty is applying what you learn in real-life situations. For that reason, a great deal of time during training is spent in practice.

To facilitate this, every participant of Turnaround Interview® receives an individual program box that includes; The 10 Minute Turnaround by founder George Raine, a course workbook that provides exercises and prompted reflection, a USB of instructional videos featuring George Raine personally covering the crucial elements of Turnaround Interview® and a deck of reference cards prompting each of the many defenses covered in the program as a handy practice tool.


Founder of Turnaround Interview® George Raine

George is widely recognized as one of Eastern Canada’s top HR experts. His four-decade career in human resources has included work in all areas of the field, including executive and senior positions with the Irving Group of Companies, the Government of Nova Scotia, Frigidaire Canada, and Stelco Inc.

George played a pivotal role in the creation of the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations and the establishment of a national standard for the CHRP designation. He was twice President of CCHRA, which represents more than 30,000 HR professionals across the country.

George is creator of the Turnaround Interview®, a highly effective method for coaching employees to break bad workplace habits without discipline. He is the recipient of the Atlantic Canada Human Resources Award [ACHRA] for Excellence in Human Resources.

MCE Facilitator Heather MacNeil

A seasoned, passionate and results-oriented entrepreneur with excellent facilitation, coaching, and team-building skills. Highly adaptable, is an effective communicator with a broad array of stakeholders and excels in fast paced and changing work environments. Insatiably curious with a continuous learner mindset, “hits the ground running”, loves challenges and enjoys mentoring others.

In addition to building and maintaining strong relationships, has leadership experience in banking as well as in a wide array of charitable and community organizations. Possess specialized expertise in Small and Large Group Facilitation and Career Transition Coaching.

Why I took Turnaround Interview®

Rob Belchior

Small Business Consultant & Manager | City of St. Catharines

“It was great! The content and delivery was on point. I found it to be practical and something I could implement easily.”

Interested in this Course?

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The course fee is $1,525.50, including HST, and course materials. In-person delivery over two days with practical knowledge and role play.